Internet of things in the world, also known as the sensor network, which is following the computer, the Internet and mobile communication network after another wave of information industry. Everything in the world, small to watch, key, big car, building, as long as the embedded a micro sensor chip, it becomes intelligent, this object can automatically speak". With the help of wireless network technology, people can "dialogue" with objects, objects and objects can also "exchange", which is the Internet of things.

The current scale of the global Internet of things is not particularly large, in 2009 the global delivery of M2M module, according to statistics, only 40 million, of which about 400 to 5 million in China, accounting for about 10% of the world, the United States and Europe, the United states,Japan, South Korea and other developed countries of the Internet of things development time longer than China, but from the point of view of the current size of, although the rapid growth of the overall market of things, but overall size is not large, M2M module of Japan's stock market about 5 millionTablets, the overall Internet of things industry is still emerging markets, the need to gradually cultivate. Despite the short term, the Internet of things market still need time to nurture, but many of the participants are optimistic about the future potential of the Internet of things, to 2020 In 10 years, China's Internet industry will experience three key stages of application innovation, technological innovation and service innovation, and grow to a huge market with a scale of over five trillion. Positive since the company was founded Participate in the research and practice of Internet of things, and actively and some industrial chain partners to jointly develop and cultivate the market, at present in the automotive, energy, medical and other fields have leading networking communication module solutions.