Vehicle application

With the advancement of technology, the promotion of urban traffic and market demand, especially the encouragement of national policies in recent years, vehicle networking has shown a very good momentum of development. Vehicle industry is expanding to safety, entertainment, navigation, communication, anti-theft, fleet management, insurance and other markets.

Security applications:
China's two passengers and one danger system, the government and relevant organizations put forward higher requirements for the safety of vehicles and personnel. It is hoped that the communication module and positioning product can be integrated into the vehicle system. When the accident happens, the information of the accident location can be obtained at the first time and timely rescue can be achieved.
Wireless communication products play a very important role in the whole process of vehicle-borne electronic applications. They are the links between sensor terminals and information service centers. Moreover, the application environment of vehicle-borne devices is very complex, which requires higher reliability, stability, high and low temperatures of products. Therefore, according to the special requirements of vehicle-borne products and combined with our own experience, we have launched a professional domain. Wireless Vehicle Communication Module。